Texas Holdem Winning Percentage Ranking, Part III

Again, the blog is for mathematical approach in understanding of Texas Holdem. In the previous article, I showed you the winning percentages of each possible hand based on calculation using 3.2 billion hands. Now let’s take a closer look in the table.

We see that pocket 7’s is almost identical to Ace-King on winning percentage. Note that the winning percentage is NOT what you get playing pocket 7’s against Ace-King. (You can see the details of the experiment design in Part I of this article.) Rather the percentage is the probability you win against randomly selected 1.2 million hands. That’s why the addition of the 2 numbers is not equal to 100%.

While the numbers do not conclude the odds of playing the 2 hands against each other, it is more meaningful (and more complicated) than calculating odds of the 2 hands against each other. Why? Because you can know that you are playing the 2 hands against each other only in hindsight. Therefore, my comparison of the winning percentage basically tells you that you should play Ace-King and pocket 7’s with the same aggressiveness because your chance of winning is almost the same.

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